Council Housing Anti-Social Behaviour Policy consultation

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Please note: This consultation is now closed

Ipswich Borough Council takes anti-social behaviour (ASB) seriously and is committed to preventing, and where possible, resolving ASB cases in an effective manner.

We recently consulted on a revised Council Housing Anti-Social Behaviour Policy which applies to anyone living in or visiting an Ipswich Borough Council owned property, including tenants and leaseholders.

The public consultation ran from Friday 29th January until Friday 12th March 2021. 


The reasons for reviewing the current Council Housing Anti-Social Behaviour Policy are:

  • The current policy has been in use since 2015 and we need to update it.
  • The Council has a statutory duty to work with the Police and other agencies to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. It is also a statutory requirement for Local Authorities to have in place a policy setting out how we will deal with behaviour that adversely impacts our communities.
  • The revised policy is intended to ensure that the Council is equipped to deal with occurrences of ASB when they are reported and is compliant with the requirements of the ASB Crime and Policing Act 2014.
  • The revised policy sets out the Council's commitment to delivering a preventative and victim centered approach in tackling ASB that impacts on tenants and leaseholders and/or is perpetrated by them.

The revised policy outlines our guiding principles and underpins the Council’s ASB Procedures which will be set out in a separate document that covers what the Council considers to be anti-social, how complaints are reported and managed.

The revised policy is based upon the following considerations and principles:

  • Definition of ASB
  • Our approach to tackling ASB
  • Reporting ASB
  • Method
  • Children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • Partnership Working
  • Information Sharing and Confidentiality
  • Equality and Diversity