Behind the Scenes Project

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Behind the Scenes is a project group made up of tenants who looks in-depth at a Council service, and implement suggestions on how it can operate more effectively.

Tenants can scrutinise a service through carrying out work inspections, interviews with staff members and mystery shopping.

Tenants will then share their findings to the relevant service and work together to develop the service. Tenants’ recommendations can then be adopted within our policies and practises. Progress and findings from the project will be shared with Councillors and senior members of staff at formal meetings.

Behind the Scenes can be very rewarding, as you are able to see a project develop from start to finish and positively make a change in how we do things.

We will make sure that all tenants are fully equipped, trained and supported in carrying out these projects.

We will also fund travel expenses, childcare and car-parking costs for tenants in attending these events so being involved won't leave you out of pocket.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more or give feedback on our services.