Household Support Fund (HSF)

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The Housing Support Fund is a Government funded scheme, currently available until the end of March 2023.

The fund can assist with rent, and service charges. If you are struggling with housing costs please contact Customer Services on 01473 432000. You will be expected to provide details of your income and expenditure and bank statements in order to be assessed for this financial help.

The Housing Support Fund can be awarded for the following circumstances:

  • Rent Arrears (former and current) where other funds are not applicable
  • Where tenants have not had a similar grant previously
  • Arrears have accrued due to financial hardship
  • Young people in support accommodation who are working
  • Families in Temporary Accommodation who are working
  • Where Discretionary Housing Payment requests are declined
  • Service Charge

Housing Officers are actively approaching tenants that we feel meet the criteria. However, If you feel like you would benefit from this fund please contact us. We need tenants to engage with us and provide documents quickly as the Housing Support Fund is available until 31st March 2023.

It cannot help with mortgages payments should you be experiencing difficulties paying your mortgage contact your provider or Housing Options for further help and advice.

For help available with other living costs see Cost of living support | Suffolk County Council.