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Towns Fund Ipswich Shopping Parade

The Towns Deal Fund is part of the Governments investment plan to level up regions, providing an opportunity for economic growth across the country. Ipswich Borough Council and partners were successful in bidding for £2.81 million to invest in improvements to the towns shopping parades focussing on revitalising retail hubs across the Borough.

The fund will be allocated to two schemes:

  1. the first investment scheme is now open to selected Ipswich shopping parades in Group 1 which could receive up to £250,000 each to refurbish the external appearance of the area to; improve curb appeal and help increase footfall and raise sales revenues. A second round of applications will be accepted later in 2023 for shopping parades identified in Group 2 which will be able to bid for up to £100,000 for smaller interventions to provide improvements to the local area.
  2. the second scheme will provide investment to community facilities and will be available later in 2023. Community facilities which are linked to a shopping parade location will be able to apply for funding which enhances the offer to local residents such as play areas or community meeting spaces from a total fund of £260,000.

Applications are now open for the first scheme and can be submitted by independent retailers located in the Shopping Parades listed in the following table and map.

The closing date for applications from Group 1 Shopping Parades is the 19th February 2023.

How would you improve your parade?

Applications for funding should outline ideas for improvements to the exterior areas of the shopping parades. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Public Safety Improvements e.g improve road crossing points, improve the quality of the pavements with coloured/tactile paving, installation of bollards and barrier systems, improve street lighting, install CCTV cameras, provide flush thresholds to entrance.
  • Environmental Enhancements e.g create small greened/landscaped areas and plant trees to reduce pollution and for carbon offsetting. Install a new litter or recycling bin, provide a glass and clothing recycling point.
  • Appearance of the Parade e.g refurbish shop fronts, replace tarmac/concrete pavements and renew vacant shop fronts, install tables and benches/chairs, provide a piece of public art.
  • Transport / Access Improvements e.g install bike racks, bus stops or shelters, electric car charging points and additional parking spaces.
  • Public Information e.g improve signage and site promotion, improve highways signage to the parade and provide public information notice boards.
  • New ‘Services’ for the Parade e.g community hub/café, recycling stations and play equipment, provide free Wi-Fi for the parade or start a loyalty scheme for the parade.

How to apply

Applications for Group 1 parades need to be submitted by an independent local retailer (i.e. not part of a significant national company) from within each Parade and must be able to evidence:

  • support of at least 50% (half) of the traders in the Parade.
  • support of at least 67% (two thirds) of the local councillors for that area. List of your local Councillors.
  • set out what the main elements of the bid are, listing or describing the proposed interventions.
  • explain why those in the Parade think that the proposals would make a significant and positive impact on Parade – both in terms of boosting business and making the area more useful and attractive to the local community.

Application form and guidance notes

Applications for Group 1 parades must be returned by 19th February 2023 to

What will happen next?

After the applications are received the projects will be assessed for viability and whether the proposals are realistic and deliverable by the Town Deal Board. This may lead to some applications being rejected or reduced in scale. The applicants may be contacted to clarify projects and discuss possible amendments. A phase of public consultation will be undertaken prior to final decisions being made including with freeholders and affected residents.  

It is important to note that not all applications will be successful and some may only be implemented in part dependent on funds and feasibility studies.

It will be a competitive bidding process with recommendations being made by the Task Force to the Town Deal Board and for the Borough Council to make the formal decisions.

Successful applicants will then be contacted, and plans drawn up and a tendering and procurement process will be undertaken for the planned works.


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