Universal Credit and the rent increase

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You will shortly receive a letter from Ipswich Borough Council advising you of the 4.1% rent increase which occurs from 4th April 2022.

You must inform DWP of this change of circumstances on your online journal within 2 weeks of the new rent starting to avoid receiving the incorrect amount of rent, potentially causing rent arrears which you would be responsible for. DWP will NOT backdate underpaid housing costs element if you fail to declare the change on time. You should also be aware that DWP can issue a £50 fine for late notification which will be deducted from your Universal Credit entitlement. It is your responsibility to advise DWP of any changes to your circumstances and this includes a change to your rent. Ipswich Borough Council will NOT be able to update this information on your behalf.

On your journal Home page you should click the “Report a change” icon, click on the “Where you live and what it costs” section and update your housing costs information. You will need to provide proof of the change, so keep your notification letter safe and submit this as proof of the change to Universal Credit. Remember, you cannot declare a change in circumstances before the change has happened, so you will need to take this action on or after the 4th April. Please do not try to declare the change before this date.

If you have any problems updating your journal with this information, you should contact Universal Credit either via your work coach or by calling 0800 328 5644.

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