Ipswich Borough Council has a duty to safeguard public funds and operates a zero tolerance policy towards fraud and corruption. The Corporate Fraud Team undertakes dedicated fraud prevention, detection, investigation and intelligence gathering activities.
As an IBC tenant, you can get help from the Tenancy Services Team if you are worried about managing your money or coping with the changeover to Universal Credit.
If you do not have access to the internet there are a number of locations in Ipswich where you can get online.
The Council is carrying out a public consultation on proposals regarding the terms and conditions of use of its car parks, including proposals to vary parking charges.

The Council has made a new Off-Street Parking Places Order which takes effect from Monday 1st August 2022.  Further information can be found via the documents below

The Council has made a new legal order regarding on-street paid for parking places in Ipswich (excluding residents parking bays) which takes effect from Monday 1st August 2022.