An Ipswich Strategic Planning Area (formerly the Ipswich Policy Area) has been identified in order to deal with cross boundary planning issues.
The Ipswich Town Centre and Waterfront Public Realm SPD provides design guidance for the renewal of Ipswich town centre’s public spaces, including the waterfront quays and green spaces within the central area.
Join our Parks team over two weeks with tree planting, wildlife events and bird box making in your area.
The Urban Character SPD provides design guidance to support the implementation of adopted Core Strategy policies CS2 and DM5, which aim to protect and enhance the special character and distinctiveness of Ipswich.

Local Planning Authorities have to produce a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) to inform their land use allocations and planning policies . The 2020 Ipswich SFRA comprises a main report and appendices which refer to potential sources of flooding considered likely to affect Ipswich. Ipswich Borough Council's new Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment was published in October 2020. This supersedes the Level 2 SFRA prepared in 2011. The new SFRA can be downloaded below;