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Our dedicated programme to enhance the employability skills of our Apprentices consists of a mix of theory and practical application, and enrichment experiences designed to complement the formal Apprenticeship.

The sessions available to our current Apprentices focus on Communication Skills, Teamworking, Embracing Change, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, Commercial Awareness, Democracy and Governance, and Growth Mindset & Work Ethic: 

Session 1

Communication (11-1) 

Recap on employability skills 

Verbal, written communications, link with insights preferences  


Team roles, link with communication preferences, adapting to get task done as a team 

Session 2


Embracing Change (11-1) 

Change and personality/life map, K-R curve, link to growth mindset, and having a frog for breakfast 

Meet Ipswich Borough Council, Head of Transformation  


Summer Networking

Creative thinking and Problem Solving 

Activity to link openness to change with learning and meeting challenges positively. 

Session 3

Meet Ipswich Borough Council Chief Executive, Commercial Awareness (10.00-11.00)

Budget, law, companies 

Business task activity

Challenge: invent, promote and forecast

Session 4 


Democracy and Governance  

Spotlight on...

How my Apprenticeship is going/where my Apprenticeship has taken my career 

Session 5

Growth Mindset and Work Ethic (11.00-12.30) 

Link with learning and delivering on service plan objectives  


Christmas Networking

Review of achievements/ celebrate our successes and plan for NAW 25, and Apprentice of the Year 25 

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