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Ipswich Borough Council is pleased to introduce a new set of guidelines for buskers and street performers operating in Ipswich - The Ipswich Busking Guide

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Ipswich welcomes musicians and street performers to entertain with music and performances, creating a pleasant atmosphere. We acknowledge the significant contribution of busking and performing to the cultural vibrancy of the town, enhancing the streets' appeal for visitors, businesses, and residents.

These guidelines are the result from an ongoing consultation and collaboration with the local community, local businesses, The Musicians' Union, Suffolk Police, Environmental Health, Keep the Streets Live Campaign and other key stakeholders. They recognize individuals' rights to utilise public spaces for performance and entertainment, while promoting a framework that encourages users to be considerate of those around them.

The guidelines urge buskers, businesses, and residents to assess the impact of performances in public spaces and respond appropriately. Buskers are encouraged to work with people in the local area  to contribute to a vibrant and cultural town, while minimizing any adverse effects on nearby businesses or residents.

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