£150 rebate on energy costs to be paid via Ipswich Borough Council from April

Published24th March 2022

A one-off rebate of £150 on energy costs will be paid by the government, through Ipswich Borough Council, to all eligible households in Council Tax Bands A, B, C and D. The Council Tax Energy Rebate will start to be paid from April after those households with Direct Debits make their first payment to the Council for their new (2022/23) Council Tax bill.

If a household does not yet have a Direct Debit to pay their Council Tax, the Council advises that one is set-up so that those households will also receive their Council Tax Energy Rebate directly to their bank or building society account and with no further details needed to be given. Direct Debits to pay Council Tax can be set up here https://www.ipswich.gov.uk/ctbill.

Direct Debit payment of Council Tax is the best way to pay. Simple, quick and safe. Details just need to be given to the Council once for us to set this up and there's no need to remember to pay. Payments will be spread over the year, divided into monthly instalments. Direct Debit payers of Council Tax are notified in advance of the payments and their due dates. Payments can be queried or stopped. A refund will be issued if an error is ever made.

Where a household does not pay Council Tax by Direct Debit, the Council will write to them to advise of the process to follow to obtain the payment of the Council Tax Energy Rebate. However, those who have Direct Debits with the Council will be paid the Council Tax Energy Rebate first.

Russell Williams, Chief Executive of Ipswich Borough Council, says:

“There’s never been a better time to set-up a Direct Debit to pay your Council Tax bill. As we have the bank or building society details of those who pay the Council Tax by Direct Debit, we can use these to pay the £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate from April for those whose property is in Council Tax A, B, C or D.  Those who pay by Direct Debit also enjoy all the other benefits of this no-hassle way to pay their Council Tax bill.

“But if a householder does not yet pay by Direct Debit, we will be contacting them about how to receive their Council Tax Energy Rebate.”

Photo credit: Doris Morgan. Via unsplash.com