£422,200 Safer Street Funds awarded to Ipswich Borough Council to make Maple Park safer

Published4th June 2021

Ipswich Borough Council’s bid to improve safety in Maple Park has met success with £422,200 awarded from the government’s Safer Streets Fund. The money awarded will reduce crime in the area and make people feel safer.

Improvements will include better CCTV – more cameras as well as improving sight-lines; alley-gating that will prevent access to the backs of house and flats; improving currently unused space to make it feel owned and used by the local community; better street-lighting and other measures. There will also be regular surveys of people’s perceptions of the success of these measures and other community-building initiatives.

Says Cllr Alasdair Ross, Ipswich Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Community Protection:

“I’m very pleased that we will now be able to introduce changes that will make life better for those living in Maple Park through winning this money. There will not just be less crime but also the fear of this will be reduced. It’s a great win - and more than any other council in the East of England – and the council has won because of the work of the residents put into this bid. It’s a victory for us all.”

Says Ann Clarke, Treasurer of the Friends of Maple Park residents group:

"There is a lively and vibrant community around the Maple Park area and it is fantastic to see that the Council have obtained this funding which will go to improving the safety of the residents in the neighbourhood and those visiting. Increased security measures and better lighting will be really appreciated by the community."