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Ipswich Garden Suburb - a summary

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Ipswich Garden Suburb is an area identified through the adopted Core Strategy and Policies Development Plan Document for the development of housing and associated facilities prior to 2021 on part, and as a broad area for housing and associated facilities after 2021 on the remainder.

The area extends to approximately 200ha and lies on the northern edge of the urban area, between Henley Road in the west and Tuddenham Road in the east.

View the location of the Ipswich Northern Fringe

Development Brief Supplementary Planning Document

A prerequisite for any development being permitted at the Northern Fringe is the prior adoption by the Council of a Supplementary Planning Document providing a development brief to:

  1. guide the development of the whole Northern Fringe area;
  2. identify the infrastructure that developments will need to deliver on a comprehensive basis alongside new housing, including community facilities and, at an appropriate stage, the provision of a railway crossing to link potential development phases, in the interests of sustainability and integration; and
  3. set out a schedule of infrastructure charges.

View the full wording of the adopted Core Strategy policy relating to the Ipswich Northern Fringe - Policy CS10.

Full adoption of an SPD cannot take place until the Core Strategy Review is adopted, which is scheduled for late 2015, however, on 17th September 2014 the Ipswich Garden SPD was approved as interim guidance. View further information here.

During the course of drafting the SPD, various stages and methods of consultation were undertaken:

A Sustainability Appraisal of Ipswich Garden Suburb SPD was also consulted on.