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Conservation Areas are designated by the Local Planning Authority under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. These are areas designated because of their special architectural or historic interest, the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve.

The designation of a Conservation Area introduces a number of additional planning controls which mean that you may not (with certain exceptions) demolish a building or even part of one without first obtaining consent from the Council. This is because it is the appearance of the area as a whole that is important and could be harmed by unsympathetic work that could diminish the special character of the area.

There are 15 designated Conservation Areas in Ipswich, for which Conservation Area Appraisals have been written and adopted. In addition, there are some Conservation Areas in Ipswich that are subject to an Article 4 Direction which places further planning controls on individual properties.

Conservation Area Appraisals

Conservation Area Appraisal documents have been prepared for each of the borough's 15 conservation areas. These provide information on identifying the significance and characteristic features of the conservation area; maps which illustrate the precise boundaries confirming the properties which fall within these areas; guidance on proposals to properties within conservation areas; and also the specific policies which apply within each area. These appraisals can be viewed below, listed in order of the date of designation:

These titles are general and do not define the areas precisely.

Reference should always be made to the boundaries on the designation maps that can be viewed online at this link: Conservation Areas on Online Mapping

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