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Regularisation Certificates

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If work has already been carried out without Building Regulation consent you will need to apply for a Regularisation Certificate to remedy the situation. This is only possible for work that has been undertaken since 1985.

The charge for this service is equal to 120% of the total Building Regulation charge. VAT is not payable in this instance.

How to apply

To apply for a Regularisation Certificate you will need to submit the appropriate application form and fee. You can download the application form here or for further advice please contact the Building Control team.

This form must be completed and deposited together with, where necessary:

  • Plans of the proposed work;
  • Plans of any additional work necessary to comply with Building Regulations;
  • Specification of the construction;
  • The appropriate non-refundable fee.

Once the application and appropriate fee have been received, your application will be registered and you will receive an acknowledgement and a receipt for the charge you have paid.


Following inspection, the Building Control Surveyor may require that certain elements of the building work are further exposed for their inspection, in order to ascertain if the work is in compliance with the Building Regulations.

Having inspected the work, the Building Control Surveyor may require additional work to be carried out to achieve compliance with the Building Regulations.

When the Building Control Surveyor is satisfied with the work, the Council can issue a Regularisation Certificate.

For information of the type of inspection you might require and how to request an inspection please see Site Inspections.

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