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Wolsey's Gate

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Wolsey's Gate is located next to St Peter's Church, near the Waterfront.

From time to time the Council receives enquiries about the general condition of Wolsey's Gate and about the possibility of moving it from its present location to some other part of Ipswich.

Wolsey's Gate is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and the designation extends not just to the gateway but also to the return wall to St Peter's Churchyard connecting it to the church vestry.

The basis of all conservation thinking since the middle of the 19th Century, and particularly the passing of the Ancient Monuments Act 1882, is that monuments should be conserved in situ related to their historical context - in this case the below ground remains of Wolsey's College to the rear.

Any works to a Scheduled Ancient Monument require Scheduled Monuments Consent from the Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport, following advice from English Heritage and not from the Council.

Moving the Gateway - and the wall attached - notwithstanding the likely physical damage, would not be approved. Nor would the moving of any other standing Ancient Monument.

If you need further information on Wolsey's Gate please get in touch with the Conservation and Urban Design team using the contact details provided on this page.

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