Acquisitive Crime

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What is Acquisitive Crime?

Acquisitive Crime is taking someone else’s possessions without permission. People may be exploited by being encouraged or forced to participate in these crimes, or people may choose to commit crime to gain access to basic necessities.

Examples of Acquisitive Crime are:

  • Personal robbery
  • Theft from a person
  • Theft of or from a motor vehicle
  • Domestic burglary

 Protect your valuables from thieves by:

  • Being aware of your surroundings  
  • Never leaving your valuables and bags unattended in public 
  • Keeping valuables hidden from view as much as possible  
  • Looking confident  
  • Only taking out what is necessary 
  • Being vigilant when using cash machines  
  • You can register your phone, tablet, laptop, computer, TV, games consoles and bikes for free on the Immobilise database to improve your chance of getting your items back if they are lost or stolen.

How do I report Acquisitive Crime?

Call the Police on 999 if in immediate danger or call 101 for non-emergencies.

Report to the police online.

Where can I get support and advice?

For support, contact Norfolk & Suffolk Victim Care

For advice on preventative measures.

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