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Any premises (including a private dwelling) which is used for the business of providing accommodation for other people's cats or dogs is described as an Animal Boarding Establishment.  Any person who runs such an establishment requires a licence under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963.

Boarding establishments are inspected by authorised Council Officers or Veterinary Surgeons. Licences have a number of conditions attached to them covering the accommodation in which animals are kept, the adequacy of food, drink and exercise, control of disease spread, protection of animals from fire or other emergency, and a register of animals. 

Licences normally run for one year, but always expire on 31 December.

You will need to apply online and pay the appropriate fee. 

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Once granted, a licence is valid for one year and is renewable annually.

Ipswich Borough Council has adopted standard conditions for Animal Boarding Establishments. 

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