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Annual Canvass of Electors 2019

Published2nd July 2019

The Annual Canvass of households, associated with the Electoral Register, has now started. Each year we have to, by law, find out who in a household is eligible to register to vote.

Household Enquiry Forms (HEFs) are being sent to all residential properties in the Borough of Ipswich (over 61,000) from around 08 July 2019. You are able to respond by internet, telephone or by SMS text.  If these options are not available or accessible to you, you can return the form in the envelope provided. Please do not return the form if you have responded using one of the different methods, as we only need one response per household.

As required by the Government, if you do not respond, we will be required to send you a reminder HEF and if you still do not respond then the Council will, by law, need to visit your property to try to obtain a response. This costs the Council, and you, time and money.

Save time and money, respond on-line, by phone or by text!

Go to www.ipswich.gov.uk/annualcanvass for more information.