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Under the Licensing Act 2003 the annual fee for a licensed premises becomes payable each year on the anniversary of the date the licence was initially granted. The fee is payable irrespective of whether the holder of the current licence intends to close the business at some point during the coming year or has taken over during the preceding year.

Fee Amount

Rateable Value

Up to £4,300

£4,301 - £33,000

£33,001 - £87,000

£87,001 - £125,000

£125,001 and above













Reminder Letter

There is no legal requirement for Councils to issue reminder letters or invoices. Ipswich Borough Council assists Premises Licence holders by sending out invoices approximately one month prior to the due date. These letters detail how much is due, when it's due and the options for making payment.

Who Pays?

The responsibility to pay the fee lies with the holder of the Premises Licence. If you have recently become the Premises Licence holder you will still be required to pay this fee. Ipswich Borough Council cannot waive or reduce the fee or accept payments in instalments.

How to Make a Payment

Annual fee payments can be made in various ways and details are provided on your invoice.

Failure to Pay, Disputing the Annual Fee and Suspension

As a result of the introduction of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, the 2003 Act has been amended. Where the annual fee has not been paid Ipswich Borough Council MUST suspend the Premises Licence and no licensable activities will be able to take place. Ipswich Borough Council will notify the Premises Licence holder of the suspension in writing and specify the date on which the suspension will take effect. This date will be at least two weeks after the day the notice of suspension is given.

  • If there is a dispute relating to the amount of the fee and/or a genuine administrative error (made by the holder, Ipswich Borough Council or anyone else) before, or at the time the fee became due, AND the Premises Licence holder notified the authority in writing of the dispute there is a Statutory Grace Period (21 days) whilst the dispute is determined.

  • If the dispute or error is not resolved during this 21 day period then Ipswich Borough Council MUST suspend the licence and no licensable activities will be able to take place.  Any dispute MUST be resolved within 21 days.

  • Once payment is received then the suspension can be lifted. The suspension ceases to have effect on the day we receive payment of the outstanding fee. 

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