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Things to consider:

  • Common varieties of ants generally live outdoors in grass, walls and under paving, but can travel widely in search of food;
  • Ants are not dangerous, though often become a nuisance;
  • They live in groups and different types of ants are responsible for certain duties;
  • The worker ants have the responsibility of building and extending the nests, looking after the larvae and foraging for food. It is while they look for food that they can become a nuisance;
  • The queen ants usually remain in the nest to lay eggs, which the workers look after. 

If worker ants are causing a nuisance in your house, it may be necessary to destroy them. Nests are generally outside the building in sandy soil, especially under paving or walls, but within a few metres of the house. 

If you wish to treat the nest yourself, insecticides can be purchased from hardware stores. However, if you do not wish to do this, please contact us and we can arrange an appointment.

Charges from 1 April 2017

  • Domestic charge: £82
  • Commercial charge: £155
  • Reduced charge for Income Support: £21

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