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After you have completed all of the above steps your application will start to be processed.


On receipt of your application a consultation will be carried out with the Police, Fire Authority, the Council's Planning and Development Services, Environmental Health and Housing Services.

In addition consultation may be undertaken with the local residents associations, local ward Councillors and, in some cases, neighbouring properties/residents.

This process will usually take around 14 days depending on the complexity of the application. If queries are raised then you will be contacted in writing and/or by telephone and given the opportunity to address them.


Where a person wishes to object to an application for a grant, renewal or transfer of a licence  they must give notice in writing of his objection to the Enivronmental Health Operations Manager at Ipswich Borough Council, stating the general terms of the grounds of the objection. These need to be submitted no later than 28 days after the date of the application.

Where objections are received before considering the application, Ipswich Borough Council will give notice in writing of the general terms of the objection to the applicant.

Ipswich Borough Council will not, without the consent of the person making the objection, reveal his/her name or address to the applicant.

In considering any application for the grant, renewal or transfer of a licence Ipswich Borough Council will have to regard any observations submitted by the Chief Officer of Police, and any objections.


All applications for grant, transfer and variation must be heard by the Council's Licensing & Regulatory Committee.  In addition renewal applications that receive objections must be heard by Committee.

The refusal of an application for the grant, renewal or transfer of a Sex Establishment Licence may be made on the following criteria:

  • the applicant is unsuitable to hold the licence by reason of having been convicted of an offence or for any other reasons;

  • that if the licence were to be granted, renewed or transferred the business to which it relates would be managed or carried on for the benefit of a person, other than the applicant, who would be refused the grant, renewal or transfer of such a licence if he made the application himself.

Additional considerations solely for grants and renewal include:

  • That the number of sex establishments in Ipswich Borough is equal to, or exceeds, the number which Ipswich Borough Council consider is appropriate.  (For information no decision has yet to be taken by the Council as to the number deemed appropriate).

  • That the grant of the licence would be inappropriate, having regard to:

    • the character of the locality
    • to the use to which any premises in the vicinity are put, or;
    • to the layout, character or condition of the premises, vehicle, vessel or stall in respect of which the application is made.

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