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Assistive Technology

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Assistive technology is equipment that can help you remain safe whilst building your confidence in living at home.

If you have had a period of ill health or a fall you may feel unable to cope at home, especially if you live alone, and this can be very frightening. The kind of assistive technology equipment available can help detect falls or inactivity. Sensors, which are placed in the home or on your person, are triggered and an alert is received at our 24-hour call team.

Monitored equipment like this is only beneficial if you wear the mobile button device - this is vital and you will be shown how this works so that you fully understand it.

Assistive technology can allow users to remain independent. Relatives and carers are reassured, safe in the knowledge that should an incident occur they will know about it. Some devices can also help to monitor particular health conditions and reduce the need for hospital admission.

There is a wide range of equipment available that could help you personally, and your health or social care professional can help identify what would suit you best.

Visit our photo gallery to view images of the HEARS team and equipment.

Who is it for?

Assistive technology can help restore confidence in people who feel vulnerable in their own homes for a variety of reasons - because of living alone, frailty or the need to summon help in an emergency. It could also be used as a short-term measure during a period of convalescence.

Will it replace other kinds of support?

Assistive technology can seldom replace care and assistance from people. It usually enables existing care and support to respond more effectively and can sustain carers in their role.

How can I apply?

Telephone or email us using the contact details provided on this page.

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