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Bees are not classed as pests due to their non-aggressive nature. They also provide an important function and benefit to gardens and surrounding countryside. Unless provoked bees are relatively harmless.

For this reason the Council do not offer a service for their removal, and where appropriate the nests should be left alone.

There may however, be circumstances when the location of the nest poses an immediate threat/danger or risk to public health, particularly to children and vulnerable groups e.g. at a schools or hospital. In these circumstances we can arrange for a Pest Control Officer (PCO) to attend to assess the situation and offer advice. No call out charge will be made in this particular situation, but in all other situations a call out charge will be made. Where treatment is considered necessary the fees are:

Charges from 16th October 2017

  • Domestic charge: £82
  • Commercial charge: £155
  • Reduced charge for Income Support: £21
  • Domestic and Commercial call-out charge: £26*

*The call-out charge will be deducted from the cost of any subsequent treatment carried out at the property.


If the nest or swarm consists of honeybees a local beekeeper may be able to come and collect them. For identification of bees please visit The British Beekeepers Association website, where you can also search for local beekeepers by entering your postcode.

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