Works that require Building Regulations

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You need to apply for Building Regulation Approval whenever you intend to carry out building work.

The definition of 'building work' is contained within Building Regulations 3.

In general terms, it covers:

  • The erection and extension of any type of building;
  • The installation of works and fittings, such as new plumbing and drainage;
  • Alterations to the structure, such as removing walls or underpinning foundations;
  • Work affecting any means of escape in case of fire;
  • Changing the use of the building;
  • Re-roofing;
  • A change of energy status.  


Building work did not previously include repair items but over past few years this has changed, in particular in relation to repairs that may affect energy saving. Many repairs and replacements do now require application. If you are in any doubt, please get in touch with the team to discuss it further.

Controlled works that require Building Regulations

This list of controlled works may not be exhaustive so if in doubt, please contact Building Control.

  • To erect or extend a building;
  • The construction of an extension;
  • Structural alterations, such as removal of walls or chimneys or the building of fireplace and chimney;
  • The provision of a room(s) in a roof space;
  • Installation of a dormer window or roof light;
  • The installation of a replacement window, roof light or glazed door (unless using a contractor registered to install under a competent person scheme);
  • The installation, extension or alteration of services such as: installation of baths, showers and toilets and associated drainage; installation or replacement of certain boilers and combustion appliances; installation or replacement of a hot water cylinder or oil tank;
  • The laying of drains, installation of septic tank, cesspool or treatment plant;
  • The construction of an attached garage;
  • The construction of a detached building over 30m² floor area;
  • Underpinning existing foundations;
  • Alterations to the fire safety arrangements of the building;
  • Alterations to the access and facilities to and within a building for people with disabilities;
  • To insert cavity wall insulation;
  • To change the use of a building;
  • Provision of new electrical works in or about dwellings;
  • Re-roofing;
  • Garage conversions to living space;
  • A material change of use.*

*A change of use is:

  • Where a building is now a home, flat or hotel/boarding house, institution or public building, where previously it was not;
  • When an exempt building is converted to a use to which the Building Regulations apply;
  • Where there is a change in the number of dwellings in a building.

More information can be found on GOV.UK.

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