Canvassers for Electoral Registration are now out and about in the Borough

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Between Thursday 20 October to Sunday 20 November 2022 canvassers employed by Ipswich Borough Council are door knocking in the Borough.  Canvassers will call at specific households where no response has been received from this year’s Canvass Forms, which have been posted out in the last few months.

Please help us collect responses now so that a canvasser doesn’t have to repeatedly call at your property.  If you have the original forms they can still be used to respond if you prefer not to give details to the canvasser on your doorstep.

Remember, canvassers always carry a photo ID card, with a unique employee number and a telephone number, which can be used to check their identity. They will have a tablet device to collect your information on. Canvassers may call at your property any time between 8am and 8pm Monday to Sunday.  Canvassers will never ask to enter your property.