Carrying out improvements and alterations to your council home

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As a council tenant you have a number of rights which are part of your tenancy. One of your rights is to carry out improvements and alterations to your home (this is only the right of a tenant on a secure tenancy not of a tenant on an introductory tenancy).

You will need to apply for permission to carry out improvements or alterations and must not begin work until you have received our written permission.

We can refuse permission if we consider the work to be dangerous or if it reduces the value or restricts the property or we would have an obligation to repair any fixtures.

What happens if you carry out the work without our permission?

If you carry out works without written approval, we may give notice to put your home back to the way it was. If you refuse, we may carry out the work and charge you the cost.

At the end of your tenancy you may be required to return the property to its original condition or in some cases be entitled to compensation for undertaking the improvement.

What work counts as improvements or alterations?

You must seek approval before erecting, removing or installing:

  • walls, windows, doors and floors;
  • electrical sockets/fittings;
  • central heating;
  • kitchen units;
  • garages, sheds, greenhouses and outhouses;
  • fences;
  • water meters, bathroom fixtures and showers;
  • satellite dishes, TV aerials and CB aerials;
  • hardstanding/dropped kerbs;
  • porches, windows, doors, conservatories and extensions;
  • heating or electrical fittings and fireplaces/fires;
  • fish ponds and outside taps.

How to apply

Step 1:  Make an online application via the pink button below, explaining in detail what you want to do. If you need assistance
Step 2:  Await our written approval or details of any conditions to be met to carry out the work. We will respond as quickly as possible but may visit your home before we can give a decision.
Step 3:  Tell us when the work has been completed. We may need to check the work has been carried out satisfactorily.

Apply now

Sometimes improvements or alterations may require building regulations approval or planning permission. If this is the case we will promptly forward your enquiries to the relevant department. At the end of your tenancy if we inspect your home and discover unauthorised improvements and alterations you may need to reinstate the work before you leave the property.