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A Street Collection permit is required for any collection of money or sale of articles for the benefit of charitable purposes which takes place in a street or public place.

A House to House permit is required for anyone wishing to conduct a House to House charity collection within the Ipswich Borough Council area

Street Collections

Is a permit always required?

Inside supermarkets and shops are classed as private places and a permit will not be required.

You will need to contact the supermarket in order to get permission to collect. For collections outside of the store, including car parks, a permit will be required.

If you intend to make a collection of Direct Debits please contact the Institute of Fundraising who maintain a diary of available dates for the Ipswich Town Centre. Their Compliance Directorate is now dealing with direct debit collections in Ipswich town centre (this includes Tavern Street, Westgate Street, Northgate Street and Carr Street). This does not include the Cornhill area.

The contact is Nick Henry, Head of Standards and Allocations, Institute of Fundraising (telephone: 020 7401 8452).

Please note: only one charity collection for direct debits can be allowed in the town on any date and a maximum of four fundraisers, including the team leader, are allowed to be present.

What areas can I collect in?

The permit allows you to collect in the centre and surrounding areas in Ipswich.

For any collections in the Ipswich Town centre supermarkets or shopping areas (Sailmakers or Buttermarket), you will need permission from the store management. Their details can be found online.

If you would like to have a charity stall or direct debit collection on the Cornhill area, please use the contact details below. 

How can I apply for a permit?

If you would like to apply for a permit please email us to discuss and confirm the date you wish to collect. There is a restriction on the number of collections we would allow in town on any one day. Please note we require at least 28 days notice. 

Any charities including direct debit companies, who wish to hold a collection and have a stall or gazebo, are directed to the Cornhill area. Ipswich Borough Council will deal with these.

Forecourt booking forms and a collection form will need completing. Please email us to check the availability of your preferred date and or to make the booking.

Once your booking has been made you can apply for your permit using the online application form.

On receipt of your completed application form we will issue your permit.

Once you have finished your collection you are required to insert a statement in the local newspaper and send a return form back to us, to confirm the details of your collection.

House to House Collections

A permit is required for anyone wishing to conduct a House to House charity collection.

The permit is issued by Ipswich Borough Council under the House to House Collections Act 1939 and can be valid for a maximum of 6 months.

If you are a charity that holds a Home Office Exemption Certificate you will not need a permit in order to collect on behalf of your charity. If you do hold an exemption please contact us to confirm the dates you wish to conduct your collection.

If you would like to apply for a permit please email us to confirm the date/s you wish to collect and then apply for your permit using the online application form.

The Cabinet office maintain a list of all holders of the Home Office Exemption Certificate.

On receipt of your completed online or posted application form, we will circulate to the local police for any comments. If there are no objections, we will issue your licence and certificate.

You are required to obtain identity badges and forms from H.M. Stationery Office. The Stationery Office will supply these only on receipt of your completed application and permit. Further details of how to do this will be supplied with your licence

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