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Civil parking enforcement in Ipswich on-street and off-street locations is undertaken by Ipswich Borough Council's Parking Service. For on-street activities they act as agents to the Highway Authority, Suffolk County Council.

In October 2005 Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) came into force in Ipswich giving Ipswich Borough Council the power to enforce all parking restrictions within the borough. These powers were issued under regulations within the Road Traffic Act 1991.

From 1st April 2008 this changed to Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE), issued under regulations within the Traffic Management Act 2004. The Department for Transport requires that authorities with CPE powers produce an annual report about their enforcement activities.

The main purpose of on street parking enforcement is to maintain road safety and prevent congestion.

Ipswich Borough Council oversees CPE across Ipswich and employs Civil Parking Enforcement Officers, previously known as Parking Attendants, who issue any Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs).

Officers patrol streets with Pay & Display parking, double yellow lines, residents' parking and other parking restrictions, as well as the Ipswich Borough Council off-street car parks. They check whether cars are parked appropriately and issue PCNs to vehicles parked in contravention of the traffic regulations. However, Civil Enforcement Officers do not just issue PCNs, they are also customer focused and can give directions and advice on where to park.

To find out more about restrictions in Ipswich or to download the Traffic Regulation Orders in on and off-street locations visit our Parking Restrictions and Regulations page.

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