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Code of Conduct complaints

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The Standards Assessment Committee meets to consider complaints. It has issued the following decision notices.

Complaint ReferenceDateDecision
SC/C/2008/00105/08/2008Other Action
SC/C/2008/00212/01/2009Referred For Investigation
SC/C/2008/00210/10/2010No Breach Found
SC/C/2008/00312/01/2009Referred For Investigation
SC/C/2008/00310/10/2010No Breach Found
SC/C/2009/00108/05/2009Not Referred
SC/C/2009/00208/05/2009Not Referred
SC/C/2009/00313/01/2010No Further Action
SC/C/2009/00413/01/2010No Further Action
SC/C/2009/00513/01/2010No Further Action
SC/C/2009/00613/01/2010No Further Action
SC/C/2009/00713/01/2010Other Action
SC/C/2009/00818/03/2010Other Action
SC/C/2010/00109/08/2010Referred For Investigation
SC/C/2010/00101/11/2010No Breach Found

Summaries of decisions of the Standards Assessment Sub-Committee of the Standards Committee can be viewed here:

Copies of the decision notices are available for public inspection at Grafton House for a period of six years from the date of decision. If you wish to inspect copies of the notices, please contact the Monitoring Officer using the contact details provided on this page.

The dates and papers for Standards Committee meetings are available here:

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Ipswich Borough Council,
3E Grafton House,
15-17 Russell Road,

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