Complaining about a noise nuisance

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To complain about a noise nuisance please contact us using the details provided on this page.

Once we have received your complaint we will undertake the following action:

  1. We will write to the person accused of making the noise. This letter explains the allegations and invites them to contact us to discuss the allegations further. This letter also requests that they take action if they believe that their noise could be causing a problem. If a business is accused of making the noise, we also attempt to contact them by telephone to offer to visit the site to discuss the allegations and suggest solutions.
  2. We will write to the complainant, asking them to complete a noise monitoring log sheet for a period of up to 28 days. This log helps us assess whether we can offer the noise call-out service. It also enables the complainant to contact us when the noise is happening.
  3. If the noise is unreasonably affecting the enjoyment of a premises, we will normally serve a noise abatement notice on whoever is responsible for the noise. This will normally be done within one working day of witnessing the problem. From this stage onwards, it would be an offence for the accused person or business to cause further noise nuisance.
  4. When we send the abatement notice, we again write to the person creating the noise and invite them to discuss the problem with us further. We are happy to offer help and advice to those who wish to do something about their noise, in order to try and stop the problem. However, if it does continue we would again visit the person being affected by the noise (at their request) and if the noise abatement notice is not being complied with, we would normally begin prosecution proceedings for the offence.
  5. If there continues to be problems and it appears that the noise abatement notice is being ignored, we will apply for a warrant from the Magistrate's Court to enter the premises of the noise producer and seize any noise making equipment. We do not take this step lightly, but unfortunately in some cases it can be the only way of resolving the problem.