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Consultation on Draft Public Open Space SPD, Draft Revisions to the Local List SPD and call for ideas for the Identified Frontages SPD

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Please note: This consultation is closed.

The Council is consulting the public on three supplementary planning documents (SPDs) from 9am on Friday 29th January 2016 until 11.45pm on Monday 7th March 2016.

SPDs provide guidance on applying the Council’s Local Plan policies in relation to the determination of planning applications.

Consultation documents

Draft Public Open Space SPD

This SPD provides guidance in relation to how open space requirements will be calculated and provided through new developments.

A background note has been published explaining how the Ipswich open space standards were reviewed and used to prepare the maps showing areas of surplus and deficit in the Draft Public Open Space SPD. A note was added to Appendix A of the background note on 26th February 2016, to clarify that the map shows only open space, sport and recreation facilities owned and/or managed by the Council. Other sites remain classified as set out in the Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study of 2009.

Draft revisions to the adopted Local List (Buildings of Townscape Interest) SPD

This SPD proposes additions and corrections to the already adopted Local List SPD.  It identifies buildings and structures in Ipswich, which are of local architectural, townscape or historic interest, but do not meet the criteria for statutory listing.

Call for ideas for the proposed Identified Frontages (Central Shopping Area and District and Local Centres) SPD

This document explains the purpose of the proposed SPD and invites comments on its scope and content. This SPD will review the sections of the street that contain shop fronts within the Central Shopping Area of Ipswich and the District and Local Centres and consider how they should be grouped together into ‘frontages’. Adopted Local Plan policies control how much of each frontage may be used for uses other than shops (for example cafés or banks). This SPD is at an earlier stage of preparation.

This consultation is more informal than that for the two draft SPDs. However, the Call for Ideas document is also available at the same venues as the draft SPDs, for the same period of time, and comments should be submitted in the same way.

How to submit your comments

Please use the relevant comments form and send by post or email to arrive no later than 11.45pm on Monday 7th March. Use the contact details provided on this page.

For information about other SPDs the Council has already adopted or is producing please visit the Supplementary planning documents page.