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Cornhill development

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A major refurbishment scheme has been set to bring the “wow factor” to Ipswich town centre by transforming the town’s main square.  

Local contractor Brooks & Wood is turning the Ipswich Vision Group’s Cornhill project into reality. 

Four iconic arches, a water feature, seating and exciting new paving will turn the Cornhill into a visitor attraction in its own right and help to boost local businesses.

The arches will tell the ‘stories’ of Ipswich – and Ipswich Borough Council is asking the public to get involved in choosing some of the top themes for inclusion.

The 20 jets of the water feature will transform the Cornhill into a spectacular place. The jets can be choreographed to bring a dazzling display.

Seating and new dazzling granite will make the Cornhill a place to be proud of and five colourful ornamental maples (Acer Platanoides Emerald Queen) will bring year-round interest to the space. Three trees will be at the Westgate Street end of the Cornhill; the others will be planted between the old Post Office and the bank next door.

The project is being co-ordinated by the Borough Council on behalf of the Ipswich Vision Group and is being funded by the Borough Council, New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Central.

View the Proposed Cornhill plan