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Crucial Crew safety sessions contain gangs scenario

Published13th June 2018

Gangs and knife crime are new scenarios included in the latest Crucial Crew child safety campaigns, which is continuing this week.

Crucial Crew is a national scheme that has been run by Ipswich Borough Council for the past 24 years. Its aim is to provide a fun and stimulating environment for 10 and 11 year olds to learn about personal safety and how to react to dangerous or threatening situations.

The scenarios are run by a diverse range of highly skilled people from the Ipswich Life Saving Club, Fire and Police services, UK Power Networks, British Red Cross, Volunteering Matters, Youth Offending Team and Suffolk County Council’s Road Safety Team with the support of volunteers from The Rotary Club of Ipswich Wolsey.

The sessions cover aspects of personal safety such as water safety; first aid; road safety; electrical safety; gangs and knife crime exploitation; fire safety; healthy living; internet safety and personal safety.

The gangs scenario is being delivered by Volunteering Matters, with the support of the Youth Offending Team. The children become young characters within a story and are taken on a brief journey. They are asked questions along the way and have to make decisions that could expose them to possible dangers. The scenario covers how gang members could approach you, things they might ask you to do such as carrying a package, and who to tell if you experience this.

More than 38,000 children have attended Crucial Crew in Ipswich since it started in 1994.

Among the visitors today was Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Jane Riley and her Consort Adam Rae.