Cycling Strategy Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

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The Cycling Strategy SPD provides detailed guidance in relation to designing routes, junctions, crossings, signage, surfacing, cycle parking and storage as part of new development. The document also identifies potential improvements for cycling throughout Ipswich.

The SPD supports the implementation of adopted Core Strategy policies CS20 (Key Transport Proposals), DM15 (Travel Demand Management), DM16 (Sustainable Transport Modes), DM17 (Transport and Access in New Developments) and DM19 (Cycle Parking).

Previous consultation

The Council consulted on a Draft Cycle Strategy SPD between Thursday 19th November and 23rd December 2015. The consultation documents are available to view here.

The Cycling Strategy SPD replaces the Cycle Strategy for Ipswich Supplementary Planning Guidance (December 1997). A ‘call for ideas’ consultation on the Cycling Strategy SPD was held during July and August 2015. An online cycling to school survey was also carried out as part of the consultation. The comments received were considered in drafting the SPD and consultation on the draft took place during November and December 2015.

Inspection of adoption documents

The Cycling Strategy SPD was adopted by the Council on 27th July 2016.

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