Dog microchipping - the law

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From 6th April 2016, all dogs must be microchipped under The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015.

As of that date, owners of dogs and puppies over the age of eight weeks must also have registered their pet’s microchip details on one of the authorised databases. These databases are run by private companies, and not by the government or the council.

Dog owners are required to keep their pet’s details up to date with the database under the new law.

As well as being microchipped, it is still a legal requirement for dogs to wear a collar and tag with the owner’s name and address on it when in a public place.

Owners who do not get their dog microchipped and registered may face a fine. Ipswich Borough Council will write to anyone with a dog found not to have a microchip requiring one to be fitted, failure to comply with this requirement may result in fines of up to £500.

The only exceptions to this law for pet dogs are those who a vet believes should not be chipped for health reasons.

If you re-home your dog to someone else, you must give the new owner the correct microchip registration paperwork so that they can contact the database and register as the dog’s new owner.

Contact your local vet for details on how to get you dog fitted with a microchip.

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