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Air quality is a key planning consideration. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) expects planning policies and decisions to help contribute to improving air quality in their local areas. The work on the Draft Car Parking for the IP-One Area SPD has been combined into the Draft Low Emissions SPD because vehicle emissions are directly linked to poor air quality in parts of the Ipswich Town Centre.

Ipswich has five declared Air Quality Management Areas at locations where the annual average level of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) exceeds the national objectives. High levels of nitrogen dioxide are largely caused by vehicle exhaust fumes.  The Council’s Air Quality Action Plan 2019-2024 acknowledges air pollution as a major public health risk.

The Ipswich Local Plan requires development to consider air quality in two ways: does the development proposed on its own or cumulatively impact negatively on air quality in Ipswich and how can development near or in Air Quality Management Areas ensure residents will not be exposed to unacceptably high air pollution levels. 

The Draft Low Emissions SPD supports the implementation of Council’s Adopted Local Plan (2017) policies by:

  • explaining how the air quality aspects of planning applications will be considered;
  • identifying the information applicants would need to submit with an application, to enable the Council to assess impacts on air quality;
  • prescribing the types of mitigation measures that will be required where impacts are identified, ; and
  • providing guidance on appropriate maximum levels of car parking to be provided for developments in the IP-One area of central Ipswich, in order to support sustainable travel choices and promote a modal shift.

Both SPD’s were subject to consultation as part of their development.

Previous comments received are located in the Consultation Statement together with the Council’s responses indicating how points raised have been addressed in the single draft Low Emissions SPD.

Public Consultation

We are currently seeking feedback on the Draft Low Emissions SPD. This consultation will run for 8 weeks from 9 am on 18th November 2020 to 11:45pm on 13th January 2021.  Any comments received will be analysed and considered before the Council adopts the draft SPD.

 The draft SPD and documents that support it are available to view below:

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