Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMO)

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When a property has been unoccupied for at least six months and we feel that the property is unlikely to be occupied in the near future, we will consider making an Empty Dwelling Management Order (EDMO). However, these powers are only used as a last resort.

EDMOs are a significant tool in tackling empty properties, in particular to prevent them falling into a state of disrepair and becoming a nuisance to neighbours. They allow us to effectively 'step into the shoes' of the owner of an unoccupied dwelling, to renovate the property and bring it back into use.

An EDMO will be used when the property is in a habitable condition, or can be made habitable at a reasonable cost, and is likely to become occupied if this action is taken.

Our housing teams will work together to take over the management of any properties that are subject to an EDMO.

People on the Council's housing register will be given the first opportunity of occupying the property.