Carers Permits

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A Carers Permit enables statutory care providers to park in Permit Holders Only bays in Ipswich’s on-street Resident Permit Zones when visiting a client. Please note that Carers Permits are not valid for visiting a permanent place of work (e.g. office or surgery).

The following statutory services care providers can apply for a Carers Permit:

  • Medical practitioners, nurses and midwives for the purpose of visiting a patient in his or her home
  • Vehicles being used in connection with the statutory functions of a local authority
  • The Voluntary Welfare Organisation or the Suffolk Probation Service visiting people in their homes in order to provide them with a service
  • Registered care provider

An administration fee of £15 will be charged to process each permit application.  Carers Permits are valid for 12 months.

Apply for a Carers Permit