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Ipswich Fit has a brand new website! Find details about all your sports and fitness activities today. Visit: www.ipswichfit.co.uk.

iCard Memberships

On the 5th June we are introducing our new iCard memberships which offer more choice and more variety. You can find out more about our new memberships on our new Ipswich Fit website

Pay per visit prices

Athletics trackAdult £2.80£2.40
Athletics coached junior (5-7 yrs)-£2.90
Athletics coached junior (8-14 yrs)-£4.20
Fitness classes£5.70£3.90
50+ activities£2.60-
Profiles gym£6.70£4.60
Profiles induction£28Free with All Inclusive
Junior activities/clubs-£2.90
Junior trampolining-£4.30
Racquet sports (2 players)£4.70 each£3.30 each
Racquet sports (4 players)£2.35 each£1.70 each
Swimming£4.10£2.90 (under 3s free)
Swimming spectator£1 (under 3s free) £1 (under 3s free)
Sauna / Steam room (includes swim) £6.40£4.20

Recreational iCard

These cards allow you to book activities if you don’t have a monthly paid membership.

Recreational cards are free and can be set up by calling or visiting one of our centres.

Remember to bring proof if applying for a concessionary card.