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Full Plans Procedure

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A Notice of Approval under the Full Plans procedure will ensure that your plans meet the standards set down in the Building Regulations.

The Full Plans procedure must be used if the building work is in connection with a building that:

  • The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to;
  • Is to be erected over a sewer;
  • Is situated in a private road.

To apply for a Full Plans you will need to submit the appropriate application form and fee. You can download the application form below:


The plans must be clearly drawn to a reasonable standard and scale (commonly 1:50) and must show typical sections through the construction and elevations, floor plan layouts, drainage and nearby sewers.

A site location plan showing the position and size of the building or extension in relation to boundaries, other buildings and streets, drawn to a suitable scale, usually 1:1250 is also required. Copies of these can usually be obtained from the Council for a small charge.

Full written specifications of the construction, either as a separate document or incorporated on the drawings, are essential. Calculations may be required in certain cases to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations in relation to structural stability, thermal efficiency and fire safety.


All documentation should be submitted in duplicate and accompanied with the appropriate plan examination charge. The amount will be dependent upon the type of work taking place. Unfortunately, applications not accompanied by the relevant charge will not be registered and you will be contacted and advised of the problem. Download our current Building Regulation charges.


After depositing the appropriate details, the project is examined by an experienced Building Control Surveyor. If your proposals do not meet Building Regulation standards you will be advised and invited to amend the plans as necessary to facilitate approval.

If you have given your consent and the outstanding items are of a minor nature a Conditional Approval may be issued. A five-week statutory time period applies to the processing of Full Plans applications, which may be extended to two calendar months with your agreement.

If any required amendments are not made within this time period a Notice of Refusal may have to be issued. However, once revised details showing compliance have been submitted, an approval will be issued. Our objective is to help you achieve an approval within the allotted time.

An Approval Notice remains valid for three years from the date the plans were deposited, and you will be advised when this time has expired. You will be required to re-submit your plans before carrying out the work if you intend to commence your project after this period has expired.

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