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Grow your own Christmas vegetables

Published6th January 2020

Are you always eating left over sprouts weeks after Christmas? Then have you considered growing your own Christmas vegetables? Renting an allotment plot in Ipswich is really easy and you can grow just the right amount of vegetables; both reducing food waste and giving you the satisfaction of eating your own produce!

Growing your own Christmas veg will keep you busy all year! In April you can sow parsnip seeds for your honey glazed parsnips and this is also the perfect time to plant horseradish to make you own horseradish sauce to accompany your roast beef. April and May is also the time to plant carrots, leeks and rosemary. Those all-important Brussels sprouts should be planted in May along with cabbage and then in August you can plant your potatoes for perfect roasties at Christmas!

Anyone feeling hungry now? It’s so simple to grow your own Christmas dinner vegetables! With the price of an allotment being only 85p a week it is simple, cheap and fun to grow your own produce!

If you are interested in having an allotment, please visit: www.ipswich.gov.uk/content/renting-allotment