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We are currently streamlining our processes, which means when we collect your rent via Direct Debit it will have a new account reference. This does not change the way in which we collect Direct Debits. If you pay between 16th – 22nd of the month your October payment will be taken later than planned.

Health and wellbeing of Ipswich residents

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The health and wellbeing of people in Ipswich is generally similar to the national average. However, there are some aspects of health where Ipswich residents fare significantly better than the England average, for example those people over the age of 65 who are classed as "not in good health." Others areas of health, such as teenage pregnancy and smoking rates, see Ipswich as significantly worse than the England average.

Life expectancy in Ipswich varies greatly, with people in the more deprived areas of Ipswich having a life expectancy of seven years less than those living in the least deprived areas. Area Health Profiles offer further information on this:

In partnership with representatives from the health, social care, voluntary and higher education sectors, Ipswich Borough Council has developed a Health and Wellbeing Strategy that aims to achieve positive health outcomes for the population of Ipswich:

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