Dangerous structures and buildings

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Ipswich Borough Council has the legislative power to deal with buildings and structures which are a danger to the public.

Immediate danger

Where structures suffer damage caused by problems such as vehicles, gales, fires or poor maintenance, and require immediate remedial work to make them safe, every effort is made to contact the owner.

Where this is not possible emergency work will be carried out by the Local Authority for the protection of the public and the costs will be recovered later from the owner.

Potential danger

In the case of potentially dangerous structures the owner is contacted and given a reasonable period of time in which to remove the danger.

Should the danger not be removed by negotiation, a Local Authority can obtain a court order requiring the owner to remove the danger. If the owner does not comply with the order, the Local Authority can carry out the work in default and recover the costs from the owner.

Report it

You can call us to report a dangerous structure or building in Ipswich using the telephone numbers provided on this page.

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