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Domestic violence and homelessness

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This information applies equally to men and women, apart from information about the Women's Refuge which is a service available to women only.

Domestic violence can occur in many different ways. It does not necessarily mean actual physical violence, it could mean threats or fear of violence in the home, or mental and sexual abuse.

If you require information on your right to occupy your existing home, or any other information concerning accommodation and housing, please get in touch using the contact details on the left of this page.

If you become homeless

If you become homeless as a result of domestic violence, our Housing Options officers can help you understand what you can do.

If it is an emergency and you need immediate assistance, we will assess your situation and we may be able to provide you with temporary accommodation.

If you need emergency accommodation assistance when the Council is closed, you can contact our Out of Hours emergency phone number: 01473 433228.

Help with housing costs

When you pay rent
If you have to leave your home because of domestic violence and you are responsible for paying the rent on your new home as well as the home that you have left, you may be able to claim help with the cost of maintaining both homes for a limited period of time. Your entitlement to Housing Benefit will depend upon your individual and financial circumstances.

If you are paying rent at another address, for example the Women's Refuge, you should apply for Housing Benefit.

When you pay a mortgage
If you are paying a mortgage and you are entitled to Income Support you should ask the Benefits Agency (DWP) for help with the interest payments on your mortgage.

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