Ipswich Borough Council combating Climate Change

Published11th November 2021

Whilst world leaders meet in Glasgow for COP26 to decide on future plans to combat climate change, Ipswich Borough Council is pressing ahead with its own measures to reduce its carbon footprint.

A quarter of the council’s vehicle fleet – from Parking Services to housing repair vans - are now electric vehicles. The Council will shortly be disposing of its last diesel pool car with the pool fleet then being all electric vehicles. An electric refuse collection vehicle was trialled in September 2021.

Cllr Phil Smart, Ipswich Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Environment and Climate Change, says:

“We have been moving greenwards at this council for a long time and declared a Climate Emergency in 2019. I’m pleased that we have managed to move fast with electric vehicles and other green improvements but this is just part of the initiatives to combat climate change we are implementing from our parks to housing.

“As we build upon our success, I would be happy to give any of the world leaders travelling home from Glasgow a tour around the town so they can see how it can be done.”