Ipswich Borough Council increasing council housing stock after many years of decrease

Published30th September 2021

Ipswich Borough Council is delivering a large programme of new council houses. In recent years this has gone a long way to counter reductions in stock when tenants buy their council homes under the Right to Buy scheme.

The Council is also confident that its current plans will see the total number of council houses increase over the five years from 2022/23 onwards and with a predicted net gain of 280 homes in that period. This will be the first sustained growth in the stock of council housing in Ipswich since the 1980s.

Forthcoming new developments at Coltsfoot, Emmanuel Close, Mallard Way, Halton Crescent and elsewhere will add to recent developments at Tooks, Bibb Way / Handford Road and Ravenswood and which all mean Ipswich is one of the bigger providers of council housing.

Cllr Neil MacDonald, Ipswich Borough Council's Portfolio Holder for Housing, said: “I know council houses were once seen by some as undesirable or belonging to a past era but many were satisfied with having a reliable landlord in the local council. I am very pleased that we are again delivering quality homes in the town and which will be much prized by our new tenants. I look forward to many opening ceremonies.”

Image: Bibb Way development near Handford Road of 150 new council homes due for letting in 2024