Closed: Ipswich Local Plan ‘Call for Sites’

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Please note: This consultation is now closed

Thank you for your submitted sites as part of the Call for potential development sites consultation which we carried out between June 14th and the 26th July 2017.

We are currently reviewing all the sites submitted to be considered as part of the Local Plan Review process. 

Ipswich Borough Council adopted its new Local Plan in February 2017, which guides development in the Borough of Ipswich for the period 2011 to 2031.

However, the Council is now required to commence work on joint or aligned local plans with neighbouring local authorities to meet development needs in Ipswich Borough to 2036, due to the geographical nature of the Borough boundary. 

The first step in the preparation of a new Local Plan is to identify potential development sites within Ipswich Borough that can assist in meeting future housing needs and supporting economic growth.

Please note: The Local Plan review assumes that all sites identified for development in the current plan remain appropriate and will not need to be replaced in the new Local Plan. Sites identified for a specific land use in current plans do not need to be promoted again through this process, unless a change of use is sought.

Once a site is allocated for a particular use, this is then used to guide any future planning applications or development proposals. Submission of a site for consideration does not guarantee its allocation.

What types of uses are suitable?

Interested parties were invited to submit sites within Ipswich Borough for future development or other land uses such as open spaces. Future development uses include housing, employment, leisure, retail, community uses, art, culture or tourism, and mixed development (i.e. where a site is suitable for multiple uses such as retail and housing).

What sizes of sites are suitable?

Ipswich Borough Council invited site submissions on sites of 0.1 hectares or more, or are capable of delivering five or more homes.

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