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Ipswich Local Plan Review Update - October 2018

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Where is the Ipswich Local Plan Review up to?

Consultation on the issues and options for the Local Plan Review was carried out in 2017 and over 800 written comments and suggestions were received.  Since then, we have been:

  • considering the points raised in your comments,
  • continuing to update the evidence base for the Local Plan Review, and
  • continuing discussions with neighbouring local planning authorities about strategic, cross boundary matters

This work will inform the next stage of the local plan review when we will publish the Council’s Preferred Options in the form of a draft revised Local Plan.  It will set out revised policies and site allocations.  We will then consult with you about these, giving you another opportunity to #have your say. The Council’s Executive is due to consider the Preferred Options Draft Local Plan on 27th November and the next consultation is scheduled for early in 2019.  Please ask to be added to our Local Plan mailing list if you are not already on it and would like to receive direct notification of future stages.  

Issues and Options Consultation 2017

Thank you for your feedback on the Issues and Options consultation carried out between Friday 18th August and the 30th October 2017. We received over 800 written comments and suggestions; you spoke to us via social media and also in person at various exhibitions.

We asked you 106 questions ranging from working with neighbouring authorities to where new housing should go, how to design our built environment, how to tackle congestion and climate change.

Below is a selection of the comments received about Ipswich likes and dislikes: 

"Good regeneration of the Waterfront"
"Protect our rich, historic and distinctive architecture"
"Nice range of restaurants but need more variety of shops, maybe a 'super mall'"
"Lovely sense of community spirit and a good football team"
"Lots of open space and nice parks, we need to protect them"
"Create proper paths dedicated for cycling, like the Netherlands"
"Good connectivity to town centre with an invaluable train station"
"Lack of sports and leisure facilities for young people"
"More investment needed for contemporary arts and culture"
"Lack of tourist attractions, need to enhance visitor experience and promote as 'hotspot'"
"Expensive town centre parking, heavy congestion and poor air quality"
"Unsightly and derelict areas and buildings"

Formal Representations: 711
Postcards: 48
Comments written on maps: 23
Comment sheets: 9
Facebook and Twitter: 42 

Please find the Facebook and Twitter comments that were received. 

Consultation Summary Responses

A summary of the formal representations received can now be viewed on the Consultation Module site.

Evidence base documents 

To view the evidence base documents that support the Ipswich Local Plan Review, please see the Core Document Library and the New Evidence Base Documents for the Local Plan Review.

Getting in touch 

We would like to add your contact details to the Local Plan Mailing List so we can let you know about future planning matters.

If you wish to be included on the list please email planningpolicy@ipswich.gov.uk. Also email the same address if you want to be removed from the list.