Ipswich Museums launches new interactive map of Ipswich

Published16th September 2020

Have you ever wondered about the history of your part of Ipswich? What sorts of things have been collected to show the story of Ipswich's evolution.

Ipswich Museums love sharing the history of Ipswich by welcoming people to Ipswich Museum and Christchurch Mansion for Heritage Open Days, but as things are a little different this year, they thought they'd try something new too.

To co-inside with the national festival, you can explore the town's past through the new interactive digital map. It shows objects from the museum collections which were made, found, used and lost in Ipswich. Just click on each marker to find out more.

Ipswich Museums want visitors to be curious about Ipswich and its past, and to get a sense of place from the museum collections. Special thanks go to local Ipswich Makerspace member Phil Willis for helping to create the original version of the map, which featured in the 2018 exhibition You Are Here: The Making of Ipswich.

Portfolio holder for museums Cllr Carole Jones said: “The map is a wonderful way to discover more about Ipswich’s past. Our town has a fascinating history and it’s great that people will be able to explore the museum collections through their connections to places in Ipswich.”

Collections and Learning Curator Melanie Hollis said: "What's lovely about the map is that you don't have to read pages and pages of information to find out more about the town - these little snippets of the past, about people who used to live here, make it quite fun to explore and to build up a picture of Ipswich's history."

Ipswich Museums will be adding more objects to the map now that it's online, so you can keep coming back and finding out more about the town around us and under our feet.

Discover the map and start exploring Ipswich’s history at ipswich.cimuseums.org.uk/localhistory


Issued by the IBC press office (press.office@ipswich.gov.uk)