Ipswich Museums to widen the appeal of its collections

Published11th June 2021

Ipswich Borough Council is reviewing how it decides how to handle donations and bequests and what to buy for its museum through its ‘Collections Development Policy’. The review – being reported to the Council’s Executive on 15 June 2021 – will ensure we have the right criteria for receiving and purchasing new items – to help enhance our collection.

We know it’s important that we reflect what is made and used in Ipswich (and Suffolk) and that we also continue to build on our existing collections. We have looked at our priorities and it is recommended that we should expand our collections to address gaps. So it is proposed that we enhance our collection of locally-produced items; art made by women as well as works that are of wide interest across Ipswich’s communities.

Say Cllr Carole Jones, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Museums at Ipswich Borough Council:

 “We have three great museums in Ipswich, but only a small budget to buy new things to display. We will be looking to buy or accept items which we don’t have at the moment and which we hope will interest local people and visitors – for example, items created by local painters, potters and printmakers; work by women artists, as we have only a tiny number; and items which have a strong connection to all the communities in Ipswich  – from photographs to household objects to Ipswich Town FC kit.’